SHAKE SHR 3D CT 130The SHAKE SHR 3D CT 160 is a well finished compact 3D CT for analysis and quality control by computer tomography. It is modular and flexible in the 1-2-3D metrology. The dimensional measurement technique is extended to the measurement of surfaces and micro structures.

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Device Description

The SHAKE SHR 3D CT 160 was designed for three-dimensional measurement and workpiece examinations as well to crack and blowholes analysis. With our high-resolution SHR 3D CT 160 X-Ray system objects can be irradiated up to a diameter of 50 mm. In conjunction with the quick reconstruction "on-the-fly" dimensional volume models are calculated. Further processing of  the data, for example, comparative measurements are performed with high precision at the virtual workpiece (CAD). Alternatively, the classical analysis by direkt measurement is possible. The System is available in two variants with 130 kV and 160 kV regarding the application. The device is a protection unit and like all our systems in accordance with the TÜV RöV tested and certified.

What can be measured using our SHAKE SHR 3D CT 160 ?

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The industrial X-Ray CT provides an unlimited range of applications. X-Rays also maps concealed or internal structures. Thus, the CT can create a complete digital 3D image of the specimen. Possible evaluations are:
  • Dimensional Measurement (wall thickness, 3Dtarget-actual comparison)
  • Reverse Engineering (return to CAD data)
  • Analysis of casting defects (pores, blowholes, cracks, inclusions, core mismatch)
  • Failure analysis example assembly errors and seals
  • Weld inspection (plastic, aluminum, steel)
  • Initial inspection (casting quality, target-actual comparison)
  • Serial testing or serial monitoring e.g. in castings
  • Investigation of composite materials fiberbundle layer, delamination

Advantage and benefit of the SHAKE SHR 3D CT 160


The main advantage of the SHAKE SHR 3D CT 130 / 160 is the determination of 3D information to internal and unknown geometries.


Blowholes can be determined in its position and size and so the X-Ray examination are supplemented by important depth information.


Based on the present data set further evaluations such as wall thickness requirements, measurement of inner and outer contours, and extractions as a surface model for standard CAD programs are possible.

SHAKE SHR 3D CT 130 Drehteller

Specification SHAKE SHR 3D CT 160

By further request we will send you more detailed informations.


manufacturing world japan 2020Auf der 5ten MANUFACTURING WORLD Nagoya, vom 9.-11. September 2020 zeigte unser Partner QVI Japan, neben weiteren Geräten unser SHR CT 50.


control 2019

Die Control in Stuttgart stellt für uns eine der wichtigsten Messen dar. Wir freuen uns, sobald es wieder vollumfänglich möglich ist Messen zu besuchen, Sie auf der Control begrüssen zu können. 

SHR 3D CT 70

SHR 3D CT 70Mit dem neuen SHR 3D CT 70 zeigte die SHR Shake GmbH auf der Control innovative kompakte CT-Technik im Kleinformat. Das Desktop taugliche Gerät überzeugt mit Leistungsdaten aus der Oberklasse. mehr lesen

Seminar für
Strahlenschutz 2020

Das Norddeutsche Seminar für Strahlenschutz in den Universitäten in Kiel und Greifswald hat die Termine für 2020 bekannt gegeben. Shake unterstützt mit seinen Experten ggf. bei allen Fragen rund um die Röntgen-Technik.

The North German Seminar for Radiation Protection in the Universities of Kiel and Greifswald has announced the dates for 2020. Shake supports with his experts if necessary with all questions around the x-ray technique.
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SHAKE CT130 3DCT130 3D und Volume Graphics Analyse

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SHAKE Inline CT 50

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