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Originally founded as a trading company for 1-2-3-Dimensional Metrology and Automation in measurement technology, the orientation of the company over the years adapted fundamentally to the changing needs of customers. Today, we develop and produce in our manufacturing and service company Hugo Rost & Co GmbH and distribute these products under the name of SHR. We are an authorized medical device manufacturers and certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and 13485. We are certified to RöV to work on X-ray systems and approved by the Ministry SH (Schleswig Holstein).

Since 2004, we have established 5 major versions of our X-ray and computed tomography machines with well-known companies especially in the German and the world market in Japan,- South-East Asia and in China.

At Control 2009, we have presented our own modular X-ray emitters SHR S with 60, 90, 130 and 150KV. At the Control 2011, a separate detector with 50x50 or 100x100 mm and a standard in industrial radiography spatial resolution of 50 microns under the name of SHR D was presented. In connection with our housings after RöV we provide in addition to the CT scanner, pure radiographic devices for customer specific requirements. We offer RETROFIT of your used devices (eg, new control incl. image intensifier and safety circuit, upgrade detector and evaluation, repair of the tube).

In 2013 and 2014 Hugo Rost has implemented the BMBF project RoWi-X X-Ray of large components such as rotor blades.

With our RoWi-X System, we can analyse and process large objects such as rotor blades of wind turbines. The dimensions are almost without limits (currently 80 m length, 6m width and 4m height).

By automating the scanning process, quality assurance is increased economical.

Our X-ray and metering expertise based on years of experience in the market, as well as 75 years of X-ray competence of the manufacturing and service company Hugo Rost & Co GmbH in Kiel, with whom we develop and produce these products together.

Mr. Hugo Rost was the inventor of the urological system and the medical C-arm. In the fifties an scintillator based image rendering system (detector) was also developed by Hugo Rost.

SHAKE with Hugo Rost today gives our product name SHR = SHAKE Hugo Rost.


manufacturing world japan 2020Auf der 5ten MANUFACTURING WORLD Nagoya, vom 9.-11. September 2020 zeigte unser Partner QVI Japan, neben weiteren Geräten unser SHR CT 50.


control 2019

Die Control in Stuttgart stellt für uns eine der wichtigsten Messen dar. Wir freuen uns, sobald es wieder vollumfänglich möglich ist Messen zu besuchen, Sie auf der Control begrüssen zu können. 

SHR 3D CT 70

SHR 3D CT 70Mit dem neuen SHR 3D CT 70 zeigte die SHR Shake GmbH auf der Control innovative kompakte CT-Technik im Kleinformat. Das Desktop taugliche Gerät überzeugt mit Leistungsdaten aus der Oberklasse. mehr lesen

Seminar für
Strahlenschutz 2020

Das Norddeutsche Seminar für Strahlenschutz in den Universitäten in Kiel und Greifswald hat die Termine für 2020 bekannt gegeben. Shake unterstützt mit seinen Experten ggf. bei allen Fragen rund um die Röntgen-Technik.

The North German Seminar for Radiation Protection in the Universities of Kiel and Greifswald has announced the dates for 2020. Shake supports with his experts if necessary with all questions around the x-ray technique.
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Shake CT-Filme

SHAKE CT130 3DCT130 3D und Volume Graphics Analyse

Invertierung AbdruckloeffelDateninvertierung zur weiteren Bearbeitung

dental ct gesamtHybridCT SHR 3D CT 130

streifenlicht scan abdruckHybriDentCT

Scan einer toten MausComputertomographie einer Maus


SHAKE Inline CT 50
SHAKE Inline CT 50

shake rowix
Ro Wi-X

SHR CT 130 shake

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